If you want to learn to fly - Hang around with Pilots

One of my favourite Sayings is: "If you want to learn to Fly..You have to hang around with Pilots" One day while I was feeling depressed about not having any money I had a chance meeting with a person who was very wealthy. It was through this meeting that I began to take interest in the ways of the wealthy and started to imitate what they did. I learned a lot just by being around them and listening to what they spoke about and how they spoke about their time and money. I really started to desire what they had. Not for the money, but for the lifestyle. I have great gratitude for these friends and what I learnt from just being around them. Thus the saying...."If you want to learn to fly - hang around with pilots". I learnt that it is so easy to make money honestly, why would anyone try the dishonest path. As I started to achieve my goals of taking control of my money I had to look ahead with other goals. I found myself reading books that expanded my knowledge and my imagination. I learnt about real estate and how to purchase it with no money. How to seek out and negotiate the best bank deals. I learnt the difference between buy renovate and hold and buy renovate and sell. How to buy and renovate real estate that everyone wants. I literally found investment opportunities everywhere. I was buying these things with little or no money and still making a profit. I learnt about the share market and how to purchase the shares. I learnt the world of option trading and about hedging and covered calls. I learnt that I could make money when the market went down as well as up. To finance one of my real estate deals I purchased some shares with a hedge option in place. I then sold covered calls on those shares. I had never seen so much money. I borrowed the money to purchase the shares. I sold the covered calls and the income paid for the loan and the real estate. Remember I borrowed the money and was creating an income from something I did not have. In effect money was appearing out of nowhere just like magic. If you want to learn to fly - hang around with Piolts. If you have never heard of these things I urge you to embark on your own journey of discovery and learn as much as you can. Become curious about how money works and do not spend your life working for money. Get a grip on your money and learn the secrets of money magnatism.