Well meaning advice is sometimes not needed

Sometimes the people that offer the most advice are the ones that you least need the advice from. I often meet people that try and give me advice and they are the last people that should be offoring advice to me. I once had a single bloke telling me how to keep hold of a woman and amke sure you didnt lose them. I guess he was partially able to give me advice as he had been divorced 3 times but i think that if i wanted advice i would have gone and gotten it from someone that was succesful rather than someone that had failed. When i am working in my day job as an advice councellor i try to get the client to help themselves rather than me telling them what to do. I was highly trained and they taucght us to help people to help themselves. The problem with telling people what to do rather than teaching them to make the decisions as a process rather than making them into emotional cripples. This is the reason that i say that the wrong people give advice due to the fact that they tell you what to do rather than telling you how you can work to sort the problem. Speedysearc h You are more than welcome to use this article on your site as long as you include a live link to http://www.private-detectives.org with the anchor text "best private investigator firms in the world".