How To Write A Super Resignation Letter and Move On With Class

A new eBook has just been released that shows people exactly how to write one of the trickiest of all letters - the letter of resignation. The eBook is called Instant Resignation Letter Kit, and according to its author Shaun Fawcett, it is the first comprehensive manual ever published on how to write all types of resignation letters Instant Resignation Letter Kit is a unique eBook that provides everything one needs to write a quality letter of resignation. It contains comprehensive 'how to' tips, tricks, and pointers as well as 39 fully-formatted real life templates. The templates can be downloaded to a word processor. The Kit also has extensive resource information usually needed before and/or after one resigns, including over 100 fully researched job hunting and resume writing links, as well as additional job-related letter templates: cover letters, recommendation letters, reference letters, thank you letters, introduction letters, and resignation retraction letters. 'The more I looked into it, the more I realized why people were looking for help with their resignation letters. After all, these letters are often written in a very emotionally charged atmosphere when one considers that studies have found that leaving a job can be almost as stressful as leaving a marriage' said Fawcett. According to him, if a resignation letter is not properly planned and written it can have negative career repercussions, of which the writer might never be fully aware. He also points out that there are numerous types or resignation letter situations beyond the typical leaving of a job including: resigning from a committee or board, leaving a club or association, and dropping out of college or university. 'As always with my 'writing toolkits' I made sure that this one covered the whole spectrum of resignation letters, both on the job and elsewhere. And the templates can easily be downloaded into a word processor so that with a bit of copying, pasting, and editing one can have a final letter of resignation in a matter of minutes'. For further details please visit