Trampoline Parts - What You Need To Know Before Ordering

The first thing you need in order to get parts for your trampoline, is to know what the model and manufacturer of your trampoline. But you say, "I have know idea about this information" or "I lost that stuff". Well good news for you, you may be able to find certain replacement parts for your trampoline without knowing the manufacturer and model of your trampoline. Obviously if you need parts for your frame, etc., you'll have no choice but to know specific information on your trampoline. Here are some parts for your trampoline that can be custom ordered without knowing your model or manufacturer. If you are after the following types of trampoline parts, you can custom order without hassle, or hopefully without to much hassle. Trampoline Mats: If your trampoline mat is worn out, you can custom order a mat from sites like The information you'll need to provide to them is a measurement of the diameter of your trampoline, along with how many spring holes there are in your trampoline frame. These measurements are important, so make sure you get them right. Need springs for your trampoline: Once again if you're on the hunt for parts such as springs for your trampoline, they can be custom ordered without knowing specifics about your trampoline make and model. You'll need to measure one of your trampoline springs from tip to tip and provide this information to a trampoline parts replacement specialist, such as Replacing Safety Pads: Safety pads can be made, simply provide the trampoline parts replacement store with a measurement of the diameter for your trampoline. More information may be required, but knowing your trampolines diamater from outside the fram to outside the frame is a great starting point. It's important that you do find replacement parts for your trampoline. Having a trampoline that is safe and working properly is essential. Take the steps necessary to get replacment parts, you're kids are counting on you to keep them safe. Have Fun!