Bushido In Daily Life 1

In this article we are going to take a close look at another of the virtues of Bushido. Something everybody wants and strives to obtain mostly by wrong means resulting in just the opposite. I am talking about Rei (respect). Being respected oneself is a highly appraised virtue that not so many people nowadays achieve. 99% of the worlds population want to be respected and try to obtain this respect by different means like: buying it, enforcing it, begging for it but all of these means lead to the contrary. When we buy respect we will only have respect until the money is gone. When enforcing it the respect will have the face of fear and when begging we will be considered pitiful and loose all the respect we might have had. A person is respected for his actions. This was true for the bushi of old and is equally true for the modern day bugei practitioner. There is an old Japanese saying that goes: