How love dies. Spot the symptoms now, and get your love back on track.

Are you starting to feel that your man has changed so much, in a negative way, that your relationship is starting to die a slow death? In this article I will shed some light on the kinds of things men do when they want to extinguish the flame that sizzles their love. I will also give you some some ideas on how you can reignite the fire in your relationship. Here are some to the signs to look out for: His love for you is losing its life-blood, if you find that, most of the time, he behaves in the following ways: 1.He no longer makes time to spend with you on a weekly basis. 2.He prefers to go out with his friends than take you out. 3.He is easily annoyed by things that never bothered him in the past. 4.He finds it difficult to tell you he loves you. 5.He constantly talks about how fat you are. 6.He talks down to you. 7.He has started being dissatisfied with things you do for him. 8.He prefers to work extra hours so he will have less time to spend with you. 9.He has stopped doing you any favors. 10.He has told you that perhaps both of you should slow things down a bit. 11.He encourages you to go out and have fun without him. 12.He forgets your birthdays or anniversaries and makes no effort to buy you gifts. 13.He laughs out loud when he talks to his friends or family members, and never laughs out loud with you. 14.He flirts openly with other women in your presence. 15.He has started comparing you to other women in terms of how you should look or behave. 16.He doesn