Tips To Help You Sell Your Car For More Money

Are you getting ready to sell your car, truck or van? Use these tips to help you get the most for your automobile before you place an ad in the newspaper. Where To Start ~~~~~~~~~~~ You might find it hard to believe, but simply giving attention to minor details, can get you $300-$1500 more for your car! And you might not even spend a single penny. Only a few hours of your time. A well known secret of used car dealerships is the importance of a GOOD detail job. If you've never heard of auto detailing, you'd be surprised at what it can do for an automobiles' appearance. What does it mean to 'detail' an automobile? Think of it this way. Paying special attention to every DETAIL of the car. Interior, exterior, under the hood, in the trunk. Using special cleaners and enhancement products, the detailer will bring out the "shine" in practically any old clunker. The typical price range for an auto detail is $50-$90. Prices are slightly higher for larger vans and trucks due to their size. Look in your local yellow pages for local auto detailers. Take the time to call a few up and inquire about the 'price for service'. Be sure you tell them what type of automobile you have so they will be able to give you an accurate quote. On Your Own ~~~~~~~~~~ If you do not want to spend the money for an auto detail, take it into your own hands, but be prepared to get a little dirty. I can't stress enough the importance of a sparkling clean car. You MUST clean out everything if you want to get top dollar for your auto. People WILL spend more money on a car that has a "shine" to it. It gives the impression that the car has been well taken care of over the years. Think about it, would you spend your hard earned money on a car that looks completely trashed? Start with the interior. Why? Because you don't want to wash and wax the outside, then vacuum and clean the inside which will just get the exterior dirty again. If you don't have a powerful vacuum that can handle the carpets and seats, ask a friend or neighbor. When asking, inquire about a steam cleaner. This is optimal for a deep, thorough clean. If your resources turn up empty, check the yellow/white pages for any "Wash- It- Yourself" car washes in your area. They generally have powerful vacuums that cost around fifty cents for approximately three minutes of use. When you are cleaning the interior, don't forget to clean under the seats, inside the glove box, ashtrays, trunk, anywhere and everywhere dirt and grime has accumulated. You Will Need These ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you do not have these products already, really consider purchasing: ArmorAll, engine degreaser, some type of polishing wax. ArmorAll - Those who have used this product before know what it can do for your interior. It literally brings back luster and shine to your dashboard, steering wheel, plastic stripping, door sides, and even your wheels. Use it wherever appropriate. Engine Degreaser - Have you taken a look under your hood recently? You might be surprised to see how dirty it is. Engine degreaser such as "Gunk" will make short work of that filthy engine in about five minutes. The prospective buyer will be impressed when you pop the hood and show him/her how clean your engine is. Brownie points! Fix Minor Damages ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Does your automobile have any minor damages? Broken taillights, door handles, mirrors, glove box, ripped carpets and seats? You may find that you can fix many of these minor damages for a very minimal cost. Why will this help you sell your car? Think about this. Most shoppers will ask a number of auto related questions - How many miles? Original owner? Any accidents? Is there anything WRONG that I should know about? If you have to say "Yeah, there's a broken taillight, the glove box doesn't open, and the passenger door needs to be opened from the inside." This immediately gives the prospective buyer the opportunity to offer you a substantially lower price. It will be much harder to get the price that you're looking for if there are little defects with your automobile. Fix as much as you can. It'll pay off in the long run. Performance ~~~~~~~~~ If you know when the prospective buyers are coming, you might want to think about getting an oil change and/or replacing the air filter prior to their arrival. Also consider adding 'octane booster', or other similar products that temporarily improve engine performance. Especially important when the prospective buyer takes your car on a test drive. NOTE: Before buying any products, be sure to ask if the particular product can be used in your year, make and model of car. Conclusion ~~~~~~~~~~~ By simply taking the time to make your car look its best, you will find that your automobile will not only sell faster, but will sell for more money. Having an impeccable appearance will eliminate any doubts the buyer might have about the quality of care the automobile has received over the years. Make sure and plan the time to make your car look in top shape. It's well worth a few hours of your time to make and extra $300-$1500 . . . don't you think?