Why is life so difficult

I have always been hard working and have never had any time off work for sickness, I am a person that can be doing several things at once and remember everything that I have done. The business that I had I loved, it was hard but enjoyable. I had a contract to deliver business mail throughout the country. With a business to run and 120 staff to look after I overlooked one main person, the service centre manager.He did not like my success and overnight I lost every thing. Now being the sort of person never to give up I decided to try and set up and run an internet business, not knowing at the time how hard it was going to be. I spent thousands of dollars on products that people told me I needed (big mistake). Looking back over the past 6 months I see myself as being very stupid, but then I sit in my chair and think, what about the thousands of other people in the same position as me. Now I