Is stress a serious problem in your life?

Because of the pressure and problems we are facing day by day, stress is now an important matter in our life. Nasty situations and problems we often encounter make us become tense and anxious. If this unpleasant events never stop and you just can't resolve them, a time will come when you will have sever stress problems. Being stressed is when you know you have to do something but you are almost sure that you will fail. If the consequences are important then you feel more stressed. There are many reasons for this stress problems: financial difficulties...disagreements between family members...unsatisfying work conditions...children problems...future plans that you don't know if they will work for sure... or many other reasons. All this issues conduct to heavy stress and anxious feelings. Stress can affect your life in different ways, including: Emotionally - depression, tension or anger. The way of thinking - lack of concentration, forgetfulness, apathy. Behaviourally - increased drinking, increased smoking, insomnia, weight problems, obsessive behaviour. All the time you feel stressed, your body tries to deal with the issue. The heartbeat, breathing rate and blood pressure pass above the normal level. The longer we feel stressed, the greater the demand on our body. The problem is that if you often feel stressed, you use much more energy resources to cope. So in the end your body gains illnesses because of the pressure, like ulcers and chronic fatigue or cardiovascular diseases. If you want to resolve your stress problem, it's very helpful to analyze your stresses and find the best way to react. You should try to: Understand the causes of your state of stress Understand what you can and can't control Think about the future in order to be prepared for upcoming stressful events Try as much as you can to have happy activities every day In conclusion stress is a serious issue even if many people don't consider it. If you really feel that you are in an advanced state of stress or anxiety the best thing you can do is to contact your doctor, your local community health center, psychologist or counselor.