Which pink is the right shade for you?

That shade of pink makes your best friend look stunning, but makes you look garish. The shade of pink that makes you look radiant makes her look all washed out. That is due to your skin tone. Whether you have warm skin tones or cool skin tones, whether you suit deeper, brilliant colors or pastels. All that makes a difference in the shade of pink you should wear. Find out your ideal pink by using a true blue scarve and a light blue scarve, a rich orange scarve and a peach scarve. Drape each scarve, one at a time over your shoulders and look at yourself in the mirror. Which color makes you look your best? If you look best in orange or peach, you have warm skin tones. That means you look best in peachy pinks and brownish pinks. If you look best in true blue or light blue, you have cool skin tones. That means you look best in the bluish pinks and true pinks. If you look better in peach or light blue, go for the lighter shades of pink. If orange or true blue suits you best, go for the deeper, richer shades of pink. Use these 4 scarves to determine the pink makeup that flatter you best and the pink fashion that brings out the best in you.