Father's Day is Special!

Father's Day is Special! What makes Father's Day so special is that it IS one of only a few days that is really ONLY about your Dad. Most other holidays, Dad gets left out, or taken for granted! Dad does not often get the chance to take center stage, to be the star. Sure we would miss him if he wasn't there, but he is just expected to be competent and make sure things work as they should. Things like carving the Turkey, making sure the BBQ is working, cutting the lawn, etc. etc.! On Father's Day we get the opportunity to focus all our love, appreciation and attention on our Dads. Surely, just giving gifts is not enough to show Dad how wonderful and special we think he is. If your Dad is alive, by all means, buy him special, unique gifts that show him that you know his interests and who he really is! But make the effort to spend some time with him, as well. There is nothing like spending time with someone, even a little time, to show much you value them. Even if you have several siblings, as I do, each on of you will have a unique relationship with your Dad. That's just the way it is! It does not mean that your Dad has favourites, but just as each person is different, so are relationships. Spending a quiet, separate moment with Dad, doesn't have to be obvious, it can be as simple as being alone for a few minutes in the kitchen or while he is making drinks!