2 Tips To Deal With Someone You Hate

We've all been there...you can't stand someone to the point that you hate them. The are overly happy and wanna be "close" with you when all you want is to get far far away from them. The phony plastic smile plastered on to their face that you can see right through makes you ill. But how do you explain to someone that you just don't want anything to do with them without being rude and or using obscenities? There are 2 easy ways to try, though no guarantee they will work. Distance- They may come up to you with the whole mushy hug thing when they see you. Don't like this, be distant with them. Step back and shake hands or high five them. Having awful relatives over for a dreaded visit? Avoid giving out personal information about your life. This may not only give the person the message that you'd rather not have them in your life, it can also help cut down on the gossip mill. A Cup of Tea- No, no, don't invite the person down for tea or coffee or anything like that. Sometimes, but not always the best approach is the direct approach. Not going up to the person and telling them where you'd like them to go, but explaining in a calm and nice tone that they aren't someone they would like to be "close" with. They aren't your cup of tea. You don't have to be rude and hateful even if you hate them with all your might when explaining this. They may ask why so be prepared for a sensitive answer because they may be emotional after.