Study Smart by drawing colorful pictures

Studying can be boring. After reading an entire chapter of text, can you remember the facts presented in the chapter? How much of what you read can you actually understand and apply during the tests or exams? There is a fun way to take notes and actually make the chapter come to live. Ever heard of Mind Mapping? No, it is not about anything psychic. It is simply drawing colorful images to represent things. It can be used for summarizing the facts in a book and retaining what you have read. It can also be used as a brainstorming tool or for planning. Personally, I use it a lot in my work. It helps me be more effective. So how do you start? Get some color pnecils and blank paper, or a sketchbook. Go through the section or chapter you are revising. 1. Identify the main idea or fact in this section. 2. Draw a small picture at the center of your paper or page to illustrate that idea. Write a few words below the picture to explain that idea. 3. Now identify the details associated with that idea. 4. Draw a small picture to illustrate that detail and an arrow from the main idea pointing to each detail. Write a few words on each arrow to explain the relation between the detail and the main idea. Write a few words below each detail image explaining what it is about. Once you have illustrated each main fact and the related detail, you have a mind map that helps you see the full picture at a glance. Drawing it out in color helps your remember what you just illustrated. Read Study Tips for more on mind mapping and other study tips.