Stick to your schedule!

It's early in the morning, Saturday Jan 15th and I'm up, had my tea and busy at what I do. ..check emails and tickets created the night before. I have a routine I've been using the past number of years that I try my best to stick to, even on the weekends. Especially the weekends. Weekends can be very busy for me, since my girls are usually home with me from school, unless they're invited to a sleep over. Having them at home can be very distracting so I try my best to get up before they do and get most of my important work done. Do you have a weekend routine or plan? With a plan or routine, you'll find that you get things done smoothly and your workload will not be as heavy. It took me several months to come up with a plan that works well for me and all that I have to do. At first it will be a trial and error period finding a routine that will work best for you. I found that by doing the task I dreaded most first worked best for me. I'm very energetic in the morning, so I use that energy to answer all my emails and request for help from our ticket system. This not only allows me to use my morning energy to complete the hardest part of my job, it allows me to free up the rest of the day to cruise along doing other things that's on my to-do list..... including hitting the closest Starbucks for a tall low foam latte :) All the best with your work from home career! regards Chris