Is Your Child in The Playground of Danger?

So you have gone out and purchased yourself a computer. Now as an adult and a parent you are going to learn all you can about computers and just what is out there. Why because your in Cyberspace.Welcome, You have just logged on to a Pedophiles playground. Behind the computer sits a faceless friend, a 29 year old man or woman posing as a twelve year old child looking to befriend your lonely child who is using your computer. He or she thinks that because they are on the computer that they are untraceable and untouchable. There are sexual predators that have developed techniques in attempting to attract children. As a parent it is your job to stop such contact by educating your child of the dangers. Pedophiles are surfing the internet 24 hours a day looking for under age prey and they don't start out with sexual comments. Instead a pedophile will work their way into your child