Job Interview Tips That Work!

Job Interview Tips That Work! 1. You've been called for an interview after placing an application or sending out a resume. 2. First step is to: Know why you are interested in this job. Do you have the necessary skills, really? 3. Is the job you have applied for, one that you want? Are you acting out of desperation or out of boredom? The job MUST have most in it most of the life goals you want to live by. 4. Be on time for the actual interview. If you are asked to wait in a reception area, don't be afraid to let the person at the desk know that you are glad to be interviewed. (Gatekeepers, often judge an applicant and tell their superiors about what an impression they had about you). 5. It is good to be friendly with your interviewer. Smile, sit down when invited, be sure you can make eye contact and are not sitting in a corner or in an awkward sitting position. 6. There will be some pauses while the inter- viewer is adjusting him/herself into a comfortable position to greet you and ask introductory questions. 7. Follow the verbal lead of your interviewer. Weave into the conversation how your skills fit into the position vacancy. Use examples of what you've done, tell simple stories about yourself. 8. If the interview begins to slow down, don't jump in to fill in the gaps. Maybe you're being tested. Silence is often golden on your part. 9. The interview often ends with messages about being called later when a decision has been made. Make notes about when and ask if you can call back if the deadline the interviewer has stated is missed. 10. Make sure you have the interviewer's name and position written down before you leave. Your thank you note for being invited needs to be either mailed or hand delivered at least 48 hours after the interview. Smile, smile, smile. Shake hands, tell the person you were glad you were interviewed. Thank the gatekeeper for their attention. Leave the area with your head up high. Smile some more!