The Ultimate in Gift Giving Ideas

It's your birthday, as he hands you a nicely wrapped gift wonder lights up your face. You try to contain the excitement and curiosity while you carefully peel off the tape. As you pull off the box cover you can feel your fluttering heart come to a screeching halt as you uncover a bottle of the same perfume he gave you for Christmas. You let out a small sigh and put on your best surprised face as you graciously say thank you. Just because you paid a fortune for a gift doesn't mean it will be held in high regard. Sometimes the smallest token of affection can make the biggest impression. Taking a real look into his or her likes and dislikes can give you a better indication of what to give to someone on that important day. Gift Giving Tips Home is where the heart is! You can really get a sense of what a person's all about just by taking a glimpse at what they surround themselves with. What type of music do they listen to? Are they elegant or down to earth? What are their favorite colors? Are they romantic? You'll find your answers without any guesswork if you take a better look into their world. Follow the hints like a trail of breadcrumbs and don't be afraid to get creative! - Candles or potpourri lying around says that they are a romantic - Sports memorabilia is a clear indicator of a favorite team or athlete - Flowers or plants are a sure sign they have a green thumb Unique Gift Giving Ideas - Wrap a present in their favorite color - Write a love letter instead of giving a card - Instead of dinner and a movie treat them to a massage - Have a radio announcer dedicate a song to them If you put a real effort into giving a gift you will not be forgotten. The person on the receiving end will definitely feel special and who knows....may even return the favor?