How to Buy a Home with No Money Down

For many of us coming up with "the" down payment for a home is quite a struggle. There are many reasons for this, such as your income, your family needs, your savings account is well, non-existent. Not to long ago if you didn't have at least 10 percent down you didn't have a 10th of a percent of buying a home. As of late it can be a very affordable 5 percent or zero percent. Okay now on to how it is done... So let's say you are a first time buyer (although this also works if you have already owned a home) and you simply need a break. You need a way to get into the market without spending a cent. Its called the No Money Down Mortgage, at least that's what its called where I live, maybe its called Zero Money Down where you live but you get the idea. Now here is what is needed : There are specific qualifications....and yes they are pretty much in this order. Read on MacDuff.... 1. An A Plus Credit History. No recent history of any bad debt of any kind, which also includes all payments for your credit cards or shopping cards etc, etc. must be paid on time in most recent months. 2. Limited liabilities. This means something like "Sign here....don't move while we look into your ENTIRE credit history, but disclosure is not a bad thing, if your credit is good it will certainly work in your favour. This is done to make sure you can carry the extra debt. 3. At least 3 years of stable employment. This needs to be verified on paper by your employer preferably or some form of financial statements. The employer is much better in most cases. Finally. You must be able to carry large monthly payments. Without a down payment, obviously lenders and the bank want to make sure you can handle the obligation of larger payments, The monthly payments may increase from a few to several hundred more a month but you can buy several styles of home. This is the program in detail it is widely known and used by almost all banking institutions for greater details or understanding I highly suggest you go to your local bank and have a sit down with your financial advisor, someone you know and trust. So in a nutshell, if the down payment is the current problem, it may no longer be with this program. You no longer need to pay your landlords mortgage, you can immediately get into a home with this program if you qualify. And again, sorry to repeat myself but go and make an appointment to review this option with your realtor or banker or both. It's worth taking a look at. And always ask about mortgage leads...this will get the ball moving a little faster. Now go get that house