More Powerful Tips To Help You Become A Highly Effective Speaker/Presenter

[NOTE: This article is meant to serve as a "Bonus" for the article, How To Be Confident And Relaxed When Speaking Before A Group Of People (Powerful Tips To Help You Become A Highly Effective Speaker/Presenter). To access that particular article, just go to: http://confide ] 1. Allow your arms to move freely and naturally. (Avoid pre-planning your gestures.) In other words, avoid "consciously" saying inside, "I will move my arms this way now. That's what's appropriate at this point." Just allow your arms to move or gesture naturally. Avoid being conscious of them. You can sometimes tell when your gestures don't look natural to others. Your listeners will look at your arms or hands in a certain way (since their subconscious mind will detect something wrong or unnatural)