Using Wholesale Electronics to Get Organized

If you're not at the top of whatever workflow chart you find yourself a part of, chances are good that you find yourself wishing your office was a little bigger. Even though technology makes our lives easier, it certainly takes up a lot of space. And with more and more gizmos and gadgets coming out each year, the wires, manuals, and add-ons can really take their toll on your already cramped space.

Office space clutter is not only annoying, but it can also be one of the fastest ways to lose a client's or coworker's respect. Here are a few tips and wholesale electronics devices you can use to cut down on the clutter and create a neat, clean, professional-looking office.

In the world of monitors, big is NOT beautiful. The first thing you should do if your desktop acreage leaves you wanting is to toss the huge monitor that came with your computer and go out and buy yourself a flat panel monitor. They're not cheap, but I promise it's the best birthday present you'll give yourself until you're on the top of the workflow chart (i.e. BMW...).

Go wireless. Keyboard and mouse wires are unnecessary evils now that wireless options are cheap and readily available. An optical mouse eliminates the need for a mouse pad if you are really in a crunch for space. Depending on the size of company you are working for, wireless internet routers and wireless cards for both PCs and laptops are options to help cut down on the miles of wires that seem to run to the back of your computer. Wholesale electronics vendors typically carry package deals on wireless keyboards and mouses that make this option even more economical.

Keep the wires under wraps. Some devices don't come without wires (yet), and chances are you've got dozens of wires running under your feet as you read this article. Use Velcro strips, ties, or tubing to bundle wires together. When you upgrade your wires and connections, check the wholesale electronics section to see if they carry wire organizing devices. Not only does this keep you from pulling the printer cable out of the back of your computer each time you stretch your feet, but it will also make under your desk look neat.

Get personal with your audio. Have you ever noticed that the stylish, modern shapes that computer speakers come in don't typically stack well? If you are working in a public workspace and have to hunch near your speakers to listen to your music, consider switching to headphones. Wireless headphones are available from a number of vendors and the prices are quite reasonable. Combination microphone and headphone headsets also reduce the need to use awkward desktop microphones.

Take your office with you. Over the last few years laptops have really come into their own. You can get all the computing power you'd ever want out of a desktop without having to worry about an extra monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers - and even better yet, you don't have to worry about all the wires that come with them. Any upgrades or add-ons you need can usually be picked up pretty inexpensive from any wholesale electronics dealer.

Three auxiliaries are better than one. Printers, copiers, and scanners are integral parts to any home business or office. But you don't need to sacrifice tons of deskspace to have them all. You can often save quite a bit of money buying 3-in-1 combinations of these auxiliaries rather than buying them separately. You also integrate all of your tech support needs for the devices because they are all made by the same company.

The devil is in the details. Little things can really go a long way in cleaning up the clutter and opening up desk and office space. USB flash drives store more than their bulky disk counterparts and you can rest assured that they'll be compatible wherever you go. Under-desk trays for keyboards and mice, clip on copy holders that attach to your monitor, and stacking paper trays will all help your home or work office look and feel neat and organized.