All About Paintballs

All About Paintballs Paintballs are gelatin capsules filled with a water-soluble marking dye. The dye inside is non-toxic, meaning that if you swallow it, it will not hurt you. However, the taste is not very pleasant. Paintballs are manufactured by many different companies. As with most things, paintballs can be either low quality, or high quality. Of course, paintballs also come in a variety of colors. Paintballs can also be bought in many different quantities, with just as many variations of prices. Most paintball fields require you to purchase and use their paint. This is how they make their money. Therefore, in most cases, brand and quality of the paint will not be deciding factors. The best way to determine which brand/quantity/quality of paintballs you should buy is to know how you will be using those paintballs. If you are using the paintballs for practice, you naturally will want to go with the cheapest paintballs. Quality will not matter much in this instance. If you will be using the paintballs for rec-ball, again, quality is not quite as important, and you may want to go with the cheapest price. However, if you will be using the paintballs for tournament play, quality matters a great deal. You want paintballs that will not break easily inside your gun or in transit. At the same time, you do want paintballs that will break easily when they hit an opponent. Many tournaments will require you to use the paint that they are selling. Tournament grade balls tend to be resistant to