Poor Birdy

I want to tell you a true story that is actually sad, but perhaps there is a learning lesson for all of us here. Today I woke up ready to get busy. My basic routine is shower, shave and Java. I had a few meetings this morning so I had to stop at a local 7-11 for my java (coffee). I pull into the parking lot, find a parking spot and begin walking to the front entrance. Just before I entered the store I noticed a bicycle rack just outside the front door. Let me explain that I have lived in Canada all of my life. You know we all live in igloos here. It is very cold this morning. On this bicycled rack is a bird, just sitting there. Upon closer inspection it appears the bird is frozen solid, while maintaining an upright posture and stuck to the bicycle rack. I might add when I looked closely at the bird, I observed that he had a pissed off look in his face. I guess I would to. Obviously there was nothing that could be done for the poor fellow so I got my Java and carried on. As I am driving to my meeting I could not help but wonder how this bird got himself into this situation? I came to the conclusion that he must have had his mind on something else while carrying out a natural act that he has done 100