Stress Lessons From A Tea-pot

Have you ever put water into a teapot to make tea before? Do you stop and think about what happens when you do? Like most of us, I'm sure you don't even give it a second thought, but let's examine it a bit. First, you pour cold water into the teapot, cover it, turn on the stove, and leave. What happens next is interesting. As the water beings to heat, the molecules in it begin to move faster and faster until the water begins to boil. Next, the steam gradually builds and builds until it finds a weak spot in the teapot (the whistle) to escape. Once the opening is found, the pressure bursts from it, creating that noise that alerts you that it's time for tea. What's fascinating about this to me is that this teapot can teach us a lesson or two about how pressure/frustration/stress builds and accumulates in our own lives. What's even more deadly about this is that we often don't know how to release these pent-up emotions in ways that don't harm us, or those we care about. So, let's examine this a bit more.
Lessons from a Teapot
First, there are often disturbing things that we deal with that instead of letting go, we dump into our teapot (the back-parts of our minds/heart). For example: working with someone who goes out of their way to either get you in trouble or sabotage you efforts. All day long, things that affect us negatively usually gets dumped into our sub-conscious teapot instead of being dealt with consciously and released. Next, everything is usually fine until we're caught in some situation that lights a fire under us. Sometimes being under stressful conditions that act as a continuous heat source, often causes our hidden feelings/emotions to begin surfacing like water that boils in the teapot. Lastly, when we've had all we can take and the pressure inside the teapot grows so much that it seeks an outlet, we blow. All the pent-up frustrations and emotions just push their way past our often rational mindset and find the release they craved. Unfortunately, if there is anyone caught in the way of this eruption, they will get burned. I believe that like most people, you too often find yourself in state of hold-buildup-explode, so, here are a few things that can help.
Teapot Training 101