SAFETY TIPS -- FINDING AN INTRUDER IN YOUR HOME If you come home and find your front door is ajar, what should you do? 1) Go in the opposite direction very quickly. 2) Call the police from a store or neighbor's phone. 3) DO NOT GO INSIDE! Note: The same rule applies if there is any damage to your door which was not there when you left home earlier in the day: DO NOT GO INSIDE! What should you do if you arrive home and interrupt a burglar? 1 ) Remain as calm as possible. Do not shout or antagonize the intruder in any way. Follow all instructions. When the burglar leaves, discreetly try to see which way he/she goes, and the color, make and license plate of the car, if any. Call police immediately. 3) 4) If you arrive home and think there is someone inside your house or apartment, should you call a neighbor so that both of you can check your home? No! Don't add another victim to the crime. Instead, CALL POLICE. If you awaken at night and think there is an intruder in your home: 1) Stay in bed, be quiet and pretend to be asleep. 2) Call police when the burglar leaves. I f you see a prowler on your property, or if someone is trying to break into your apartment, condo, or home: 1) Make a lot of noise by shouting or screaming. 2) CALL POLICE IMMEDIATELY!