How to Make Your Job Search a Work of Art

How to Make Your Job Search a Work of Art What do I mean about a job search being a work of art? I believe that it is an ad- venture in making efforts to become and be the best person you naturally are. Most people, I think, think of themselves as a drone or drudge trying to find and fit into a proscribed set of circumstances called a job description. Where does art fit into that? Here I do not think of art as an objective set of things. Art "things" could be: A training video; a painting on canvas; a statue; or any artful things for the eyes to see. An artful job seeker is one who is: Caringabout their appearance; someone who knows how to communicate with others; knows how to make a good presentation of him or herself. The job seeker can become a canvas for all to see and judge. Some art judges, (employers) do not like what they see. An example would be someone who dresses flamboyantly or has wild, excitable gestures. That same employer may like to see a canvas, (job seeker) to be somewhat like themselves in manner, dress, communication style and in performance. It all depends on what "art judge" you may want to impress. Research carefully about what art form you want to use as a job seeker. Some employers may want the person who uses exaggeraed colors in a wardrobe to be their candidate. What kind of art form are you going to be in your job search adventure?