My Story Part 2

After reading my last addition to I told a story about my break-up. The one person in my life that hurt me by dumping me cause he needed space! This is my other part. My break-up happened on Tuesday night. He then went out on Wednesday night and snogged some other guy, cause he thought I was going to do it. I NEVER did. I kept faithfull even though we were seperated and single, I thought it was respectfull to leave any meeting new people alone for a while. I would never have done that, but he dis-respected me and snogged a friend he saw in a club in Liverpool. He told me he had already had his number. My heart broke just by hearing this... Friday night was the night we talked about our break-up, and he came to me asking for me back! We talked and now we are back together. He treated me like something he can just throw away and pick up when he wanted. Nows its OUR rules rather than just his. Because of the pain and heart ache that I felt and im still going through made an impact on me, I've become a stronger person. He left me and needed his space, so he got what he wanted, then from friends advice, it took this pain and seperation to let him know if he missed me or not, and he did. Im greatful that I have him back. He was my one person I trusted and gave him something special from me that i can never have back, to which he will always keep. Im vulnerable when I least expect it, now I know better. Attachement is a bad thing, but not always. If you love someone, you feel you can depend on them to provide all the love and attention you need, and this is was I wanted from him. A song by Kimberely Locke - 8th world wonder was my song for him, and now thanks to our talk, we are back together and it still makes me think of him. I feel safer than ever, as I have learnt a valuable lesson. Everyone around me supported me so much that I become stronger than I have ever been before. Im now taking control of my life, in the way that I should have in the first place... ... when you go into a relationship, the first thing you MUST do is find your inner faith. Make sure your strong and loveable. I made the mistake of not knowing who I was when I become the love of someone else. Im now on the road to making myself a better person. Im taking my developement to a new level, and trust of the other person is needed. My boyfriend trusts me, and I trust him, but I hope that he hides nothing from me. I've found new friends and he is a bit weird about it, as they are boys, and I might have mentioned in the past that I liked him, and now were friends, going round to his brand new house to have a pamper session. I told my boyfriend that all I see in this new friend is friendship, as I have got back my true love. When Im in love and feel like the relationship is going to plan I can be who I want to be and I never look at anyone else as I love only one person. Break-ups make people stronger. Although I got back with my boyfriend, there are some of you who wish you could, but they dont want to. Advice to give you is that dont worry, before My boyfriend asked me out again I was on the verge of forgetting about it, as I had to for my own sake otherwise I would still be crying now. Its very hard to loose someone you've spent so mnay hours and love with. Having special time together is important, dont let it get bad, be honest with whoever your with, whether it be a women or man. Be strong and find independence that we all have, its just we loose it when we fall in love. I fell in love and Im still in my hooneymoon stage. I still look at him with sparkling eyes and amazment that were together... I hope he realises that if he doesnt want me then someone else will. We wont ever be alone, thats why we attach ourselves to loved ones so much, cause we need to. My story part 2, may in the future have a part 3, but only time will tell if its going to be written on here. If this second time doesnt work, I know what to do... Love to all who have lost loved ones and love to all who are on the search for new love x