Meeting Blindly

Dear Jen, While browsing the personals at an online dating service, I met a wonderful girl. We have been sending emails back and forth for a while now. I am ready to meet her, but have never seen a picture of her, so I am a bit scared. Should I insist on a photo first or just go ahead and set up a meeting? Signed, Blindly Dating Dear Blindly Dating, You need to be honest with yourself and decide if her appearance is what is most important to you. This person could either not be happy with their own appearance or even maybe doesn't have a digitalized picture to upload to her personals or in email. In fact, in my experience, some people don't send or post photos in their personals only because they are tired of people liking them for their looks without getting to know the inside. Whatever her reasons, it can't hurt to just ask her. If she says "no" you are no worse off then you are now. You just have to decide if you like her enough to take the time to test the chemistry in person sight-unseen. For that matter, just because a person's photo may be appealing, there is no guarantee that the chemistry will be there when you meet in person. I would also suggest if you have only exchanged e-mails so far, start talking on the phone a bit before you meet. You will get a better idea of how conversations truly flow between the two of you. Remember..."love is blind!" Good luck in your quest for love