How To Get a New Job FAST

How To Get a New Job FAST - Part 1 Defining It is such a terrible experience being unemployed. It means you do not have an income. And that is scary because the bills do not know this. No, they just keep on coming. They eat into the savings you have built up over the years. Or even worse, you have to borrow or sell assets to make sure you can pay them. This is terrifying! The bad news is that it often takes quite some time to find a job. And that means it could be quite some time before your income kicks in again. The time lag between starting to look for work and landing that job is a serious issue. And that is precisely what this series of articles endeavours to address. How do you reduce the time between when you start looking for a job and when you get it? The first thing you must do is clearly define what you are looking for. When you are looking for a job, the last thing you want to do is spread your energy out over the entire employment landscape. If you do this, you will waste so much time chasing down so many opportunities that are just irrelevant. Define what job you are looking for. This will be different for every person, and it will be different for you every time you are looking for a job. When defining what you are looking for, there are many aspects you will need to consider. Some are trade offs, some are just personal preferences. Here are a few considerations to think about. What type of work do you enjoy? What are you skills What industries or positions do you have experience in? Big company or small company? At what level do you want to come in? Are you prepared to trade off today's position for a better career path? What is the income band you are looking for? What is the base wage you will settle for? Are there factors that you are willing to trade income for? How fast do you need a job? Can you afford to hold out for a better offer? Can this be a short term position while you find your long term position? Is location an issue? Is travel an issue? These are the types of questions you want to consider when defining your job search. Finding a new job is a bit like buying a new car in this regard. If you want a new car, but you are not sure what type of car, you will waste lots of time speaking to every car salesman in your area. If you know what car you want, you can target your search to the correct car salesmen, and just concentrate on getting the best price. Its exactly the same with finding a job. Define what you are looking for, target your search and concentrate on getting the best job with the best terms and conditions. This is part 1 of a multi-part special report on reducing the time it takes to get a job. Its not fun running around trying to win that job, this report is full of tips and tricks which will help you reduce your job hunt time to a minimum. The rest of this report is delivered in incremental articles which you can get by subscribing for the FREE newsletter at The entire series of articles will be sent automatically to you email address. Other topics covered include: Prospecting for Job Leads; The Job Application and The Interview Process. So to get your copy of this, entire report, by signing up for this free newsletter at or by sending a blank email to __________________________________________________ Finally, a dedicated and systematic approach to ensuring you're earning an income forever. Find out how, in four logical steps, you will never have money problems again.