What You Lead With, You Are Valued For

Leading-with-the-body! We see this phenomenon all around us. Cleavage, short skirts, body piercing, sensual tattoos and suggestive conversations clearly show that ours is a culture saturated with a mindset that life revolves around our sexual appetite. Oh, for the innocence of days gone by before we lost our ability to blush. Are we confusing desire and longing? A Britney Spears music video at 2:00am may awaken desire, but it does nothing to satisfy the cry of the human heart for intimacy, love, acceptance, compatibility, oneness and commitment. Our site message is that the human heart longs to be wanted for a lifetime of nights and not just a night of a lifetime. Are we selling this longing short? Stop and think for a moment. Have you noticed that marriage is universal? Have you noticed that marriage isn't a hard sale at all? We don't have to go to any country in the world and hold seminars explaining what it means to get married. From the most populated nation in the world, to the most remote, the human heart longs for and desires to connect. So, it really shouldn't surprise us when we hear that Jennifer Lopez may be married again. The human heart longs to connect! Let me bring some closure to all this with a question. If I mention the following names, what comes to your mind? Pamela Anderson Britney Spears Hugh Hefner Larry Flint That's right, leading-with-the-body! What we lead with is what we are valued for. If we lead with the body, we are valued for the body. If we lead with the mind, we are valued for the mind. If we lead with the spirit, we are valued for the spirit. What do you want to be remembered for? Are you living for desire or are you living for longing? (C)Copyright 2004 advice-for-lifetime-relationships.com by Stanley J. Leffew ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!