Using The Power Of Government Auctions & Wholesalers For Massive Discounts

I step into my local mall, and into a leading top brand clothes store. I see a jumper I like and while feeling the soft material casually lift up the price tag - and I almost feint with disbelief. How much??? That's more than I make in 2 days! I quickly stop caressing the fabric and head toward Big Als Unbranded Clothes Discount Centre for a sweater within my budget range (which unfortunately will no doubt look as if it were knitted by my 5 year old Niece.) Sounds familiar? Well it really need not be this way. It actually amazes me how many people do not use wholesalers and government auctions to save 50%, 70% or even a whopping 90% on just about anything they could ever wish to purchase. That's right - it's incredibly easy to get regular 50% discounts on top brand items just by knowing WHERE to shop. Let us begin by looking at Government Auctions. While this article will focus on the USA and UK it's worth noting that government auctions are held in many other countries too. A government auction is held to auction off various items (often at rock bottom prices) that the government has legal ownership of. The type of items auctioned by various government agencies include vehicles, electronics, real estate, computers, jewellery and a lot more. In the UK, the types of government agencies that will offer up bargain goods and properties include the police and C&E - there are also private liquidation's due to corporate bankruptcies. Many hundreds of auctions are held yearly and there are many outrageous bargains to be had in most of them. It's not unusual to pickup a brand new widescreen TV at