Hunt around for the best online book bargains and save 60% on your next read

Book sales in the UK were reliant by the Net Book Agreement which since the early 1900s meant that UK publishers were able to fix the price of books in their shops. However as competition and discounting grew the NBA fell apart in 1995 and the fixing of book prices became outlawed - suddenly mainstream bookshops were able to offer discounts and special offers to their customers - the way things should be. These days there is even more competition and booksellers now face competition from supermarkets, online stores and various other who all offer a variety of discount books. Things have never been better for the UK book buyer - a host of popular books are available at cheap prices as long as you're prepared to look around before you buy. WHERE TO FIND DISCOUNTS BY BOOK TYPE The extent to which you can save on books depends largely on what type of book you're looking for. It's also worth remembering that most fiction works will appear first on hardback (expensive and rather inconvenient to lumber around on the train) and then in paperback often a couple of months later - the paperback is always considerably cheaper. If it's bestseller books you're after you can certainly save some cash by choosing the right place to buy it. Some booksellers will discount a range of titles while others will only discount titles from their own big sellers which leads to a difference in price for the same book. While the offline stores will generally offer a few pounds as a discount, but as always the highest discounts are available online with Amazon and others offering up to 50% on popular titles from time to time. We'll look at some bargain online retailers shortly. Non Fiction & Academic Books are harder to get discounts on, but it's still possible to save money with these. Often books are over-printed and the glut of supply leads to sluggish sales and a perfect opportunity for discounts arise. Such titles are often found in discount stores shortly after being published. Most online stores also offer discounts on these types of books but you're unlikely to come away with serious bargains. I'm sure you've seen some classic books being offered for