Paying for Your Wedding Day

As you might already have figured, asking the father of the bride to pay for the entire event almost seems unfair. If the father of the bride is a millionaire, by all means, let loose, but not everyone is as fortunate. Nowadays costs are split among relatives in a number of different ways. You could split the costs evenly between yourselves, the parents of the groom and the parents of the bride. You could also just split it between yourselves like many young people are doing these days. This is one of the reasons it is important to plan your wedding day far in advance. Some may resort to taking out credit card loans. Be careful in this arena because you may not want to be paying for a wedding 10 years later. If you have to take out a credit card loan, try to save as much money before the wedding so you minimize how much you need to borrow. And last but not least, shop around to get the best price considering quality. This is another reason you need to plan early. You never know what deal may be lurking around the corner! Victoria Williams