Hi! You may use this article. It is from the eBook > "Be a Winner" By E.A. Allen & S.C. Ferguson > Copyright 2003 ISBN #9609550-0-3 > and Published by H.K.R. Publishing Co, Oceanside > California. > 21,000 eBooks > > Thanks, Sincerely, Hal Reid, H.K.R. Publishing > > > > ***************************************************************** ******* > > DECISION > > There can be no lasting success in life without decision of > character. Even brains are secondary in importance to will. > > The intellect is but half of the person; the will is the > driving wheel, the spring of motivating power. A vacillating > person, no matter what their abilities, is invariably pushed > aside in the race of life by one of determined will. It is > those who resolve to succeed, and at every fresh rebuff begin > resolutely again, that reach their goals. > > The shores of fortune are covered with the stranded > wrecks of people of brilliant abilities who have lacked courage, > faith, and decision, and have therefore perished, while less > capable but more resolute adventurers have succeeded in > making port. > > Hundreds of people go to their graves in obscurity only because > they lacked the pluck to make the first effort, and who, could > they only have resolved to begin, would have astonished the > world with their achievements and successes. > > There are occasions when action must be taken at once. > There is no time for long and careful calculation of the chances. > The occasion calls for immediate action. The call must be met > or time goes swiftly by and our utmost exertions cannot bring > it back. > > At such times is seen the triumph of those who have carefully > trained all their faculties to a habit of prompt decision. > They seize the occasion and make the thought turn into instant > action; they at once plan and perform, resolve and execute. > > To do anything in this world that is worth doing one must not > stand shivering on the bank, thinking of the cold and the > danger, but plunge in and scramble through as best one can. > > The world was not made for slow, squeamish, fastidious people, > but for those who act promptly and with power. Everyone must > meet obstacles and perplexities, and must either conquer them > or be conquered by them. > > ***************************************************************** ******* > > 50 Fr*ee Magazines, 500 at huge Discount >