The Art of Forgiving

Have you ever sat down on a big rock by a flowing stream, hung your head and cried like a baby? Me neither but hey the days not over yet! Sometimes in life we get hit hard and fast. Maybe by a friend, a lover, spouse, neighbor or just a complete stranger. When that event does take place, it hurts, hurts so bad we see red. Our chests feel like a heavy weight has been dropped on it, the tears just want to burst from our eyes. We want to kick and scream or just curl up and die! Then of course we have to deal with the depressive states, the anger states. Did we deal with them or are they still there, buried in whatever way we've always dealt with our hurts and pains. Did we forgive and move on or is that little something still there waiting to spring to life again to continue dissolving the happiness we all deserve. Oh, you are happy! Then why does a certain something, a smell, a name, a color, whatever, bring back that tight feeling. That tear to the corner of your eye or that angry look in your jaw? We all have been hurt and we've all hurt others. But that's life, it will continue that way right to the day we lay down for the big one. We're not responsible for other people's feelings, only our own. Unless of course we've hurt someone else but that's another article. Right now we have to deal with the thing that's eating our life away. The best way i've found to deal with forgiving and truly forgiving so that it's not a continual sore in my heart is understanding. This isn't always easy, but if you can learn to understand why it happened, how it happened, why that person might of done what they did. Then that sore can heal, the forgiving is easier. Our physical and emotional states will be stronger and healthier! We can still protect ourselves by not sticking our necks back into the noose for future hurts, but to be healthy you must forgive. And it's not easy, sometimes we don't even want to forgive. But who's continueing the pain now? Please try to understand that person or what might have being going on in their life at the time they hurt you. You deserve the best life you can make for yourself. You are a unique individual, don't waste your limited moments in pain or despair. Let it go! I use some Biblical quotes to keep me guided. You don't have to be religious to use the positiveness of the word, so don't overlook the power of the Bible for posive thinking! Try Matt.6:33 , Psalm 55:22 , Philippians 4:6-7 , 2 Timothy 1:7