Ten Ways to Make It Through the Holidays Sober

1. Plan to stay sober. Every day plan to stay sober and work your plan. 2. Have a support system. If you're going to a party where you know there will be alcoholic beverages served, and you're afraid you may be tempted to drink, bring a buddy who encourages you to stay sober. 3. Associate with people who know you are trying to stay sober and want you to stay sober. 4. Avoid the "cues" to your old srinking habits. If you always drink at Joe's Bar, there's no need to go there just to meet with your old friends. 5. Be careful about drinking from punch bowls. It's always safer to drink a beverage when you get it directly poured from the container. 6. Get enough rest. At this time of year, many of us over-commit. If you're stressed out, you are more vulnerable and may feel entitled to have "just one." 7. Maintain good nutrition, and stay hydrated. You'll be less likely to binge out on food and alcohol. 8. Talk to friends you know who are sober and don't drink, and ask for tips on how they do it. 9. If you live alone, don't keep alcohol in your house. If alcohol is not in your house, it will be at least harder to get. 10. If you had a favorite chair where you always drank, consider giving yourself a holiday present and replace the chair, or change the covering. The same goes if you had a favorite drinking glass. Get rid of the old reminders. Bottom line: Plan for a sober holiday, and follow through with all the supports you can get. Remember, there are people who do not drink alcohol at holiday functions -- you probably weren't aware of them! People are more concerned about what's in their glass, than in what's in yours.