How to Get the Most Out of an AA Meeting

1. Know where the meeting location is in advance. You might want to check a directory to see if the meeting is still at that location. Preferably, drive by the building at least the day before so you know where the building is, since many of themeetings are at night and it may be difficult to locate an address in the dark. 2. If you are self-conscious about going to your first AA meeting,or going to a new group, you might want to find someone to go withyou who is a member of this group, or know someone in the group. 3. Have a positive expectant attitude. If it's the first time that you are attending any AA meeting, you might want to talk with someone who is already a member of AA whocan explain how the meetings work, or even take you to a meeting. 4. Take a nice bath that day if you can. Not only will it help you relax and make you feel better as soonas you do, but you may also feel more comfortable in the meeting. 5. Wear comfortable clothes. The dress code is very informal. Some meetings do not even requirethat you wear shoes. (Almost everyone in Alaska wears shoes during the winter!) 6. Have a bite to eat before you go if it's a later meeting, and you would have to delay your lunch or dinner. No reason to bedistracted by hunger pangs. 7. If you are a smoker and find it very difficult to go without acigarette, you can make it easier by choosing a "smoking" meeting where, not surprisingly, smoking is allowed during the meeting,ashtrays are provided, and you won't go into a nicotine fit. 8. Try to arrive a few minutes before the meeting is scheduledto begin. Most AA members are very friendly and glad to greet "newcomers." They're there for the same reason you are -- alcohol was a problemand they want to stop and stay stopped. 9. Realize that you are not required to say anything at all at a meeting. It's all up to you to say as much or as little as you wish. Youdon't even have to give your name if you don't want to. 10. Take it a day at a time, or five minutes at a time. And allow yourself to enjoy the Fellowship.