Massage Your Mind!: Are You a Fanatic?

Are you a fanatic? No, really. Is there something that you do that has taken over your time and energy? Life is full of responsibilities. As parents, partners, employees, children, siblings or pet owners, we have duties. But our goal as an excellent human is to fulfill our roles while maintaining a balanced life. And, although it may take a bit of creative juggling, it's generally quite possible to do so. One of the interesting things about duty is that it has a way of making us go to extremes. Sometimes we choose to avoid a particular duty altogether. Other times we start off with the best of intentions, but somehow end up going overboard. Think about it. Whether it's work, money, relationships, health and fitness, sex, or happiness, we know people who have become fanatics about one particular area to the point that they ignore others. Nothing should be all-consuming. NOTHING. If you find yourself devoting more time and energy to one area than most others combined, you need to take a good look at WHY you have taken a duty, converted it into a passion, and then catapulted it into your avoidance technique of choice. What are you avoiding? What area are you ignoring? WHY? How do you react if someone accuses you of becoming a fanatic about something? Do you laugh, knowing it isn't true? Do you smirk, knowing that on some days it may be true? Do you frown, wondering why everyone can't see that it's just your passion? Do you get angry and defensive, because people are always accusing you of being a fanatic? Check in. Are you in balance? If you are running 6 miles a day and have everything in your life perfectly balance, that's one thing. If you are running 6 miles a day and all hell is breaking loose at home or work, then you are simply running away from your life. Think about it. Use your mind. You can't be excellent if you aren't balanced. And you DO want to be excellent, right? Keep thinking!