From Failure To Success: How To REALLY Make Money Online!

FROM FAILURE TO SUCCESS: How to REALLY Make Money Online! Do you Belong to any affiliate programs? Do you make money ONLY when you make a sale? Throw out those affiliate programs NOW! Bet you think I am crazy, right? Let me tell you why I am not! My name is Vicki Ballard and I have been online for over 4 years. Up until just a while ago, I made nothing substantial. I belonged to affiliate programs too! I put my ads all over the internet and offline as well. I used FFA's, classifieds, ezines and every other way I could think of to promote my product, and to get that SALE. Now you say, "well geez, I do that too." Have you reached financial freedom yet? because it sure didn't work for me! WHY? Because I only made money when I made a SALE! "And isn't that how it's supposed to work?", you ask. Yes and No! Yes, you want to get that sale. But, if you stop making sales, what happens? Your income STOPS as well! In order to "REALLY" start Making Money Online, you need... Here it comes! Are you ready? You need RESIDUAL INCOME! I had to be slapped in the head with that idea several times for it to sink in! ( If you haven't quite got the idea yet, don't feel bad. Reread the upper portion of this article, until it does.) Now you ask, "How" You must join programs that not only have a great product for you to earn commissions off of, but a membership (a great membership) that customers are willing to pay for monthly! THERE is your "RESIDUAL INCOME!" Every time (monthly), a customer pays his membership, you earn another commission. Even if you haven't made another sale. How "NEAT" is that! It's starting to make sense now, isn't it? There are numerous membership sites online today, that you can join. And, start earning your own "RESIDUAL INCOME" You can go to any search engine and type in "affiliate programs" and check out those with memberships. Choose wisely, If you aren't willing to pay for a membership, chances are your customers won't either. Spend time researching the membership sites to find those that have been around awhile. Preferably, 3 years or more. Be sure others are making money. Read the testimonials, contact some of them if you can. And most of all, "Be Persistant" There is NO such thing as "get rich quick". Unless of course you win the lotto! :) Do SOMETHING everyday, and you will succeed! See You At The Top, Vicki