Jaguars-Classics to cherish. Go here to cherish them.

This is a testament to the skill and determination of one man, Robert McCarthy, and his life long love of Jaguar cars. Northfield garage retains all the old skills, all the old manners, and all the old traditions that made Jaguar great; due in the main to Robert, but also to his devoted and highly skilled, long-serving staff. Everywhere there is precision, quality, class and charm; the legacies of an era when only the best would suffice, second best was not tolerated , not good enough. There were no tolerances in the design, no tolerances in the build, no tolerances in the final product. At Northfield Garage Birmingham, thankfully the same still applies, only the best is good enough, and strangely, the customer , now much forgotten elsewhere, here is always right (most days!). An ageing sign shows the pedigree of the place, it has been there for years and will be for many more; unusual in the motor trade. A sign of quality. Inside, the very latest equipment, and antique employees, serve to give the place professionalism combined with old world charm and manners. There is no substitute for politeness, no need for being offhand. All too often we accept this these days, fortunately , here it is not necessary. The place has a multitude of ramps, and space, combined with state of the art machinery, complete rebuilds from near disasters have been, and continue to be, performed. I have been amazed at what is actually possible. There is a paint section, where any bodywork jobs can be undertaken, no matter how large, or how small. Those annoying bumps that elsewhere cost the earth, are treated with expert care, to perfection, reasonably. The end result: sheer class waiting to be driven away, a car which defies the years, and outshines the rest, with an effortless ease and power now sadly absent. NORTHFIELD GARAGE DETAILS: Situated on the A38 Bristol Road South: behind the garage opposite the main Kalamazoo site, Northfield. Map Ref on A-Z is 103 5H. Northfield Garage, 1163 Bristol Road South Birmingham B31 Opposite Hawkesley Mill Lane and Steel Road next to Chelston Road. Phone : 0121 411 1077 Fax : 0121 475 4844 Remember to mention "Luigi" to get your free introductory discount!! Type this to get to the original of this article, and the attendant teddy bear website, and other ezine pages. Isitebuild - Top class site building info This site will help you with every aspect of web design and marketing, especially the search engine promotion techniques.