Jaguar Cars-Think Robert McCarthy for restoration

northfield garage (cont2) Phone : 0121 411 1077 Fax : 0121 475 4844 Another sign of quality. My favourites, the XJS range.... lovingly cared for here, everyone genuinely loves Jags, so they will take good care of yours!! The saloons are sleek and powerful, strangely they just do not seem to age at all, and retain their pristine shape, and superb roadholding. In today's mayhem that passes for driving, it is reassuring to be in a car of substance, and feel secure in the knowledge it is serviced and repaired by total professionals, who know every nut and bolt, and use only Jaguar parts. Its almost a small boy's paradise, to come here and see all the vast array of cars being brought back to their original, near perfect, looks and wonderfully engineered mechanics. It is strange the low price of such marvellous feats of engineering; I never thought to own and run a Jaguar without it costing the earth to buy and to run, thankfully they are cheap to buy and Robert is very fair in his pricing and attitude. To be honest, I don't like the spoiler on this one, I think they are head and shoulders above all other cars without needing any gimmicks. It is only through the fair and reasonable prices charged here that Jaguars still run on into the 21st century, otherwise the cost of running them might prove prohibitive even for diehards like me. There is only so much money for the car at the end of the day, so it is only possible to run mine through Northfield garage, and Robert McCarthy's singularly decent and honest dealings. I know very few people this straight, be it anywhere, let alone the cut-throat car business, so I thought i'd write about him and his garage to try to help him help others more. There is NO advertising anywhere on this site, I can't abide it. However I DO have time for people like Robert, and have no problem whatsoever in recommending him to you wholeheartedly. Malcolm Pugh July 8th 2003. NORTHFIELD GARAGE DETAILS: Situated on the A38 Bristol Road South: behind the garage opposite the main Kalamazoo site, Northfield. Map Ref on A-Z is 103 5H. Northfield Garage, 1163 Bristol Road South Birmingham B31 Opposite Hawkesley Mill Lane and Steel Road next to Chelston Road. Phone : 0121 411 1077 Fax : 0121 475 4844 Remember to mention "Luigi" to get your free introductory discount!!