How to Really Lose weight, Permanently

how to really, permanently, lose weight!! I am a reformed alcoholic. I am a reformed chain smoker. I am an ex-fat person. I am also not selling anything. My only wish now is to help people by passing on my knowledge; I guess this sounds too good to be true. When you have really nearly died a few times, money takes on a sort of reduced role in your thinking. Make no mistake about it, we are all going to die, even you will die one day. When you are young this seems a long long way away, I'm fifty now, and it sure seems a little closer to hand than it did. You may think I have superhuman will-power to quit drinking and smoking (and gambling and all other excesses). To a certain extent that is true; I have a great deal of will power, but I also have a method, a way of thinking, which helps. For some reason, and it may have been a good