Increase Your Pet Store Sales by 540%

I hope I have grabbed your attention, but yes, this is achievable. I have clients who have turned a stock turn of 5 into a 34 stock turn a year who will vouch that 540% is easily achievable.

But how and where can you achieve this? Every pet store has a power position within its store.

Some retailers know the power of this position and develop their own strategies to manage this location and do not need the help of suppliers or retail consultants.

The majority of retailers do not realise the potential and need the help of suppliers to make it happen.

They need a positive partnership rather than a supplier just delivering product.

So Where are These Magical Positions?

The power spot is the position in a pet store where you can guarantee 100% of consumers will see 100% of product.

Those suppliers and retailers who have stores in countries where they drive on the left hand side of the road will have consumers who generally prefer to circulate stores in a clockwise direction. If your market is based on right hand sided driving, then customers generally prefer to circulate the store in a counter clockwise direction.

Prior to building a power spot, you need to know the natural customer flow in the store you are working with