"Life's TRUE Winners"

The test of a true Winner is how they act when they're NOT Winning. How you manage and deal with adversity has a great deal to do with whether or not you have the stuff it takes to be a Winner. There is some element of risk involved in everything we do. Sometimes it's the amount of risk involved that makes the winning that much sweeter. It's a very easy thing to be upbeat and positive when everything is going according to Hoyle. (obscure reference for you baby boomer's, for the rest of you it roughly translates to Going the way it should) All true Winners have one main trait in common. They all have the ability to stay focused and move forward when things don't go(here's that reference again) according to Hoyle. Your days won't ever be perfect, the AC won't always work, your mother in law might drop in for a visit, car batteries do tend to die at the most inopportune times and that check you expected in today's mail won't always arrive. Hey, that's life in the big city. Or small town for that matter. The point is, the way you deal with these stumbling blocks is a huge determining factor in being a winner. If you dwell on the stumbling blocks that life throws into your path you'll never find the time to be a Winner. On the other hand if you deal with them and move forward with a positive attitude your well on your way to being one of "Life's TRUE Winners". "Your Success Is Our Success" jbp