STOP! Stop right now!

These days we are all busy and under pressure to squeeze ever more into our working day. Often, we are so busy working and earning a living that we lose sight of our goals. This is especially true when you run your own business. You are so busy actually running your business that you lose sight of the reasons that you started it in the first place and the goals you want to achieve. The problem is that all the time you are not absolutely focused and working towards your goals, you and your business are going in another direction altogether. The wrong direction! How do you get back on track and heading in the right direction? Okay, admit it, when was the last time you actually scheduled some quality time to identify your goals and a direction for your business? Last week, last month, last year, never? If you are like most busy business people, you probably havent done it for some time at least. Well, today I'm here to tell you to STOP! Yes, STOP RIGHT NOW and take a breather. Renew that vision, that passion, that excitement. Take some time out and put yourself and your business back on track. Its not difficult to do, it just takes a little investment of your time thats all. Start by getting out of your usual work environment altogether. Go somewhere relaxing like a coffee bar or a park. Now, think about what you and your business do and how you do it. Reassess all aspects of your business and work life. Try to think creatively and of the bigger picture rather than your usual point of view. Consider how others fit into the picture. Ask yourself some difficult questions and explore your answers a little. Write your answers and thoughts down as you work through them - it makes it easier to see them clearly. Here's some questions to consider and get you started in the right area. Add other questions as you feel necessary: Why did you start your business? How do you do things now? How could you do things better? How do your competitors compare? What do you offer that is unique? What direction are you going in? What direction do you want to go in? What are your goals? What steps are you taking to reach those goals? What opportunities are you missing? What opportunities do you want? What position do you want to be in 5, 10, 15, 20 years time? Spend some time thinking through your answers and reflecting on them. The more you do that the more your business will benefit. Dont forget to keep writing things down for clarity and future reference. Now with those things in mind make some important decisions and identify two things: 1. the precise goals you want to achieve, 2. the time frame you want to achieve them within. Write them down. Now all you need is a good plan to achieve those goals. Break the goals down into smaller more manageable tasks and schedule them over your specified time frame. Break them down into weekly and daily tasks. Write those daily and weekly tasks into your diary and number them in priority order, number 1 being highest priority. Do the highest priority tasks first each day and tick off each task as you complete it. If you dont complete a task that day put a cross next to it and reschedule it onto another day. Doing it this way helps you stay focused in the right direction at all times and aware of using your time effectively. Keep focused on your goals and work to your plan every single working day, throughout the day. I arrange my whole weeks schedule on Sunday evening, so that i know what i must be doing at all times throughout the week. At the end of the week you can review what you completed and plan the next week accordingly. You now have a plan that is taking you in the direction you want to go in - towards your goals. The more focused you are the more effective you are. Use this new opportunity and focus to renew your concentration and double your efforts. Every time you complete a task you are another step nearer your goal. What are you waiting for? Get started right now and build the future you've always wanted. You can do it. Good luck!