You have the opportunity of a lifetime. That sounds like marketing hype because you have heard it so often, doesn't it? Think about it this way: you have the opportunity to live one lifetime. Does that make a difference? How are you using your opportunity? Are you doing the things you want to be doing in the ways that you want to be doing them? If not, why not? What are you viewing as obstacles to having the life you want? Are the obstacles you perceive real or just convenient? So often it is comfortable to complain about them. Sometimes folks think that acknowledging the obstacle in this way relieves them of the requirement to overcome them. Could that be you? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the question, "What do you REALLY want?" Do you know? Are you clear? That's the beginning. Most folks can immediately say what they don't want. When you can very clearly state what you do want, then, you are on your way! The next step is to be able to picture yourself having what you want. Can you see, feel and hear yourself living the lifestyle that you most want? It's important to be able to imagine yourself doing just that in great detail. Your mind works in pictures, so make yours a good one. Spend some time each day picturing your ideal life in great detail...even just five or ten minutes will do. Be prepared for some changes in your life when you make this a habit because they will come. REMEMBER, WHAT YOU PAY ATTENTION TO EXPANDS