What Time is It?

Sometimes you're flying high. Everything is going great! You've finished something that you've been putting off for a long time, or you just got organized, or a big order came in. Don't you just LOVE feeling like that? You are full of energy and those impossible tasks are just sailing off of your desk. You're to-do list is shrinking like a cotton shirt in a dryer. On the other hand, sometimes you're pretty discouraged. "How am I ever going to finish that project? How can I possibly do all of the things that I need to do in order to get to where I want to be?" Don't you just HATE feeling like THAT? It's hard to move a single piece of paper from one place on your desk to the other. The easiest things look impossible to do. You are carrying a large stone around your neck and everything is an effort. I think that most people are like that; highs and lows, ups and downs. Even the most productive people hit a brick wall once in a while and wonder to themselves, "What was I thinking when I took on this project??" Naturally there can be a zillion reasons why you are down: outside pressures, just lost a big customer or big deal, fight with a family member, illness or accident, etc. What separates the men from the boys, however, is how you deal with it. Sometimes you can help yourself when you're down by asking yourself one simple question: "What time is it?" WHAT?? That's right! I'm willing to bet that when you go from a high to a low rather quickly it is a function of the time of day. Here's why: when you are tired, everything seems worse than it really is. It's much harder to cope with things when you are tired. The mechanism in our brains that keeps us from being overwhelmed requires a lot of energy, and when we are tired it no longer functions properly. Why is it important to know that? For the same reason it's important to know that your car won't run without fuel. If you're feeling down and you're tired too, give yourself a break! Don't be so hard on yourself... there is a good reason why you feel as you do. Once you realize that, a glimmer of hope appears because you know you'll feel better in the morning. Try to divert your attention away from what is bothering you. If it is only bothering you because you are tired, give it a rest until tomorrow when your energy is back. Here are some ideas to try: 1. Spend your time doing low-brain activities, such as opening mail if you can't allow yourself to "goof-off". 2. If you have to press on because of deadlines, for example, take a nap or eat something that will give you more energy. 3. Take a walk. Get away from the pressure and let your mind relax. Give yourself this gift; you deserve it! The main thing to remember is this: it's much harder to cope with life's stresses when you're tired. Get into the habit of recognizing that fact and put your worries to bed long before you get there yourself.