Short vs Long Term Manifesting: Home or Business

You have a "bill" to pay, maybe your rent is due on your office building, or you need to pay your graphics designer, or your mortgage is due. You don't know how it will get paid. You've been around this "creating on purpose" stuff awhile, so you go into bringing that bill to a successful conclusion. Your desire level is high. It first showed up as a fear. You recognized it as a fear, and went about moving it "on purpose", your attention was on the matter at hand. You had emotion attached to it. This simply had to be done. You were giving full focus to your "attention to intention". Something happens.....the situation is remedied. You wipe your brow. Good made it through that one ! What happens however, if you stay on the right track, this short term stuff becomes so easy that you don't have to think about the bill part anymore, you just know, that at the proper time all that is needed to appear , simply will. You did not have that monster fear driving the experience, therefore it comes to you with ease. It has become a knowing. All of your focus and attention has taken root, and now it is a knowing. Ok, now....what about what we may put under the term of long term manifesting. Maybe it's a career change or a lifestyle change or you want to be president of your company and presently you are in the mail room. How do you do "that"? You do it the same way. You use focus and intend. You focus with attention on the intention, (goal). This is where you may have to address your belief systems. If you are in the mail room, you have to believe that you are the president of the company. If you don't believe that yet, then you have some "work" to do. You work on your belief systems by changing your mind. There are many ways, to change your own mind. The quickest way, if you are willing to do it, is to write about what you want, and write every day. If you want to add some momentum, ask the part of you that put that carrot there in the first place to help you. So who put that idea in your mind of wanting to be the president? Well you did, in the form of your higher self. Just ask. State your intention. Focus on it, and follow the inspiration, (which means you must PAY ATTENTION, to your inner voice) that comes. When you are willing to do that from the get go, then what you may have thought was "long term manifesting" all of a sudden fits under the "short term manifesting" column. Ask, Ask, Ask , and Pay Attention !