Does Higher Intelligence Know How To Find You at Work or at Home?

We have this carrot out in front of us. It's part of the game we agree to play. This carrot is in the form of our intentions, our desires. We have these carrots show up in our homes, our businesses and our lifestyles. How do you think that carrot got there in the first place? How do you think you got "here" in the first place? Or do you even think about this stuff. It's when we begin to think about these things, that life becomes easier. Who put that carrot there ? Well, You did. I did . But we did it from the level of our higher selves, not our personality selves. Our Higher Self, knows what we want, heck it is "he/she" that gave us that thing to want, that circumstance, or situation in the first place. And why? To take us through a maze. You know this maze. The one where we have an entry point, and an ending point. Then in between, we have these walls , that we keep bumping into, as we try to find our way out of the maze. And what is the goal of getting out of the maze? Lots of wonder, that I won't go into here. Now, if we "get smart" finally......we will stop trying to maneuver our way through our human personality selves. Guess who has the view from above, as to which way to turn in the maze, so that we don't hit those darn walls. Well, the one that set this up anyway, our good ole' higher selves. Our Higher Self just watches us bang around that maze, until we finally go, ok. I give up. I allow my higher self, my higher intelligence to help guide me through this maze, because he/she, has the view from above the maze. Have you reached this point yet? Do you even acknowledge that the spirit side of you, knows all the answers, and sees things from an overall view? If you find this turns into a battle with your ego, to recognize this, then simply ask for your ego to help you. The nature of the ego, is control, especially if ego thinks it's about to lose it. So, simply recognize your ego for the good attributes that it brings you. It's part of your drive, your ambition. Ask your ego, to assist you in this maze, in this situation, and in no way do you intend to try and push your ego away. You choose instead to further compliment your life with the aid of your ego. Does your higher intelligence, the smarter side of you, of which the personality side of you doesn't think it's the smarter side...does that higher self, know how to reach you? It's easy, you know. You just ask. And if you don't know how to ask, then say that. Your HS knows your heart. Just ask in the best way that you can. Then the maze doesn't hurt quite so much if ever. And that feels mighty good ! (end/sj)