Have you ever taken an acting class and been challenged to imagine as many uses as possible for some simple household object? It is a wonderful exercise in creativity. Try it. Go to the kitchen, find a tool you use every day and imagine all possible uses for it. Well, that seems to me to be the gist of this quote. It is creative to find new ways of doing things using the resources we have at hand. A short while ago, I was having a conversation with a good friend. She was telling me that she was about to commit to a network marketing company and that she was sure that she had found the perfect career. It was terrific to hear the certainty and excitement in her voice. She went on, however, to tell me that now, before even signing the paper to begin, she needed a new apartment with a separate room for an office, a fax machine, a new printer and other office fixtures. Why? Because, to her, this was what it would take to be successful. I suggested that small steps might be more empowering than large debt...perhaps she could use the things she has until growing is warranted. Have you ever had the experience of thinking that you cannot begin a project until you have everything that you could possibly need before you start? What could you do right now with the things you have at hand? What changes could you make in your life right now just by deciding to do so? We do not have to wait until we lose twenty pounds, clean out our basements and garages, and take back our library books, to move ourselves forward, although those things make admirable and important beginnings, too. You can do things simultaneously, can't you? You can follow Ernest Hemmingway