If I asked you to describe yourself, what would be the first five things that come to mind? Are they positive things? Are at least three out of five positive? I hope so. If not, though, it is good information. It indicates a need for you to make self-appreciation and self-respect a higher priority. You've all heard the phrase, "Be your own best friend". How would you describe your best friend? It is unlikely that you would have a list of negatives, isn't it? How do you treat your best friends? With respect, with kindness and understanding, with compassion, right? Treat yourself the same way. One of my longtime friends recently told me this story. She said that, when she approaches a household task that seems risky, she asks herself, "Would I hire a sixty-seven year old woman to do that for me?" If the answer is "No", then she hires a younger person to do the job. If the answer is "Yes", she proceeds. My dear friend, Helen, is a very wise woman! If your friend wanted to accomplish something and s/he asked you for support, would you say, "You don't deserve to have it anyway!", "You'll never do it." or "Who are you kidding?"? Probably not, however, you may say things like that to yourself. What would it take to become your own best friend? What habits of thought would you have to replace? What self-talk would you have to change? I remind myself of this important phrase often: Never say anything about yourself--out loud or in your head--that you do not want to be true about you. Would you consider adopting that one for yourself? You'll find that it quickly improves your self-respect and your self-image. ALWAYS REMEMBER----WHAT YOU PAY ATTENTION TO EXPANDS!